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Emu Boots Stinger Mini Boots Chestnut Sizing information

With Emu generally, and including the Emu Stinger Mini boots Chestnut, we would strongly recommend that you buy a size smaller than your normal size as these boots are generous in size - and also the fur will lie down a little with wear, which creates more room.

Emu Boots Stinger Mini Boots Chestnut Reviews

Emu Boots Stinger Mini Boots Chestnut Review


Review by Natalie
I think these are the coolest emu boots around! Had to get a size smaller than i usually wear. Wear them with jeans, leggings etc, and they are so warm, i love them. Really want charcoal minis - do they exist?

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Emu Boots Stinger Mini Boots Chestnut

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    EMU Stinger Mini Boots Chestnut -   New stock for 2011.  These boots are full sheepskin in chestnut - brilliant little boots to keep you snug and warm this autumn / winter with their fabulous top quality sheepskin.  Low, so look great with jeans and makes it easy to tuck them in.  Very fashionable sheepskin boots, fully authentic from an Official Emu Australia retailer.  These boots are treated by Emu to make them water resistant to protect the boots from every day wear for longer.

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