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Back in stock in February.....Fitflops - Electra Fitflops - fab new style of FITFLOPS with silver sequins - the new, even more sophisticated version, covered in tiny sequins, which go down the side too.  The difference between NEW Electra and Old is the size of the sequins - the sequins were quite big in the old version, and now they have been refined, and the sequins are very small, which looks much more stylish.  Also, the entire strap is covered now, whereas before the sides were not.

We have other colours available - just click on fitflops category in the left hand menu.

FitFlop midsoles incorporate patent-pending micro-wobbleboardTM technology, to give you a workout while you walk

They challenge hard to reach muscles more.

Every step you take in your FitFlops helps tone and trim your legs.

FitFlops work your bum muscles more.

FitFlops have been shown to have a significant effect on the toning muscles of your thighs.

Walking in FitFlops is like walking barefoot, but a little bit better

FitFlops make it easier to stay in shape

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FitFlop Electra Silver Sizing information

Fitflop Sizing Advice

Not sure which size you need?

Ordering online? Unsure about our sizes? Print out our FitFlop sandal sizer chart to ensure a perfect fit.

  1. Click to view the appropriate chart below (you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader first) and select ‘Print’
  2. When the printer window pops up, make sure Page Scaling is set to ‘none’
  3. Print your sizer out, and double check the scale using a ruler. (If your sizer is a few milimeters off, read all of point 2 above.)
  4. Place you heel on the line indicated, and choose your size accordingly along your toes.

Women’s FitFlop Sandal Sizer Women’s FitFlop Boot Sizer

Instep sizing information

Fitflop footwear only comes in whole sizes.

If your feet fall somewhere between, opt up a size if you have wide feet or a high instep, and down if you have narrow feet or a low instep.

In the US, most people size down to the nearest whole size. In the rest of the world, people generally size up.

The upper bands on the FitFlop sandals do NOT stretch. In our sheepskin boots, expect the FitFlop FREEFOOT fit, in which your forefoot and toes will be held quite snugly (as they are in our sandals), but your heel will be looser behind to allow optimal biomechanically advantageous movement. You might think of it as heel slip, but in fact, it’s heel FREEDOM! (As long as they don’t rub you the wrong way, the fit is right.)

Q. If I am a half size should I go up or down in my FitFlop sandals?

A. FitFlop sandals have been designed to fit a standard-width UK foot and are graded in the traditional way.

The webbing is designed to hold the foot quite high up across the instep and will not stretch over time. Thus, FitFlop fit is a function of arch height and instep height.

Our experience so far has shown that Europeans have a slightly higher instep height and tend to need to size up whereas Americans have a lower instep height and need to size down. The length of the sole is quite generous so going half a size down should not cause a length issue.

FitFlop Electra Silver Reviews


Review by Marianne

These fitflops are definitely the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned and I now own three pairs. I don't really care about the technical details, I would recommend them to anyone. Light to pack for your Summer holidays. I have the Electra Gold and I want the Silver but they are turning out to be difficult to find.


Review by Carol MURPHY

Yes I agree, why can't the Electra Silver fitflops have a nice white sole. The grey is dull and boring.


Review by anonymous

Love, love, love my electra - have walkstar fit flops already, and have wanted these silver ones for ages. They're great cuz i can wear them with anything, and they dont' have the fitflop logo on them!


Review by Sarah Davidson

The Electra Silver are OK, HOWEVER, why have they a grey sole? They would be so much nicer with a bright white sole!!

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Electra Silver

by FitFlop

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