FitFlops - Walkstar 3 Bronze

In Stock NOW - FREE uk delivery - the NEW Walkstar 3 fit flops in Bronze leather upper - hugely popular colour for this season, with dark footbed and bronze upper that goes with practically everything, and shows off a tan!

They challenge hard to reach muscles more.

Every step you take in your FitFlops helps tone and trim your legs.

FitFlops work your bum muscles more.

FitFlops have been shown to have a significant effect on the toning muscles of your thighs.

Walking in FitFlops is like walking barefoot, but a little bit better

FitFlops make it easier to stay in shape


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FitFlops Walkstar 3 Bronze Sizing information

Fitflops are the most comfy shoes you will probably ever wear, if they fit properly!   The general rules for fitting these correctly is that they should fit snugly across your foot when you first get them, as they will loosen slightly after wear.  It is important that the fitflops hold onto your foot, and don't slip off or 'flip-flop' around too much.  Generally because of this, if you are between sizes e.g. you sometimes wear size 4 and sometimes wear size 5, you should try a size 4 first.  On the other hand, if you have a high instep, or a very broad foot you may need to go a size up.  Remember, you can always exchange if you have any problems with fitting, or call for further expert advice.

FitFlops Walkstar 3 Bronze Reviews


Review by anonymous

Aps brilliant, every girl should have at least one pair.

fit flop

Review by nicky sheffield

What a remarkable little shoe, did I belive the Fitflop blurb NO. was I suckerd into buying a pair NO, after much resistance I bought some. They are without doubt the best I have had, and boy do they give you a work out, be carefull only wear for a short time at first as you feel like youve swam miles your legs go all wibby wobbly. get them now

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Walkstar 3 Bronze

Price: £44.50

Walkstar 3 Bronze comes with
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    Walkstar 3 Bronze


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