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Fly London

New Fly London Boots

With the popularity of shearling and sheepskin boots continuing to soar in the UK, those lovely people at Fly London have come up with some fantastic new boots for this winter. Well, Old but new! Fly London have taken their most popular boots, Fly Mol and Fly Mes, and given them a wonderful warm but inobtrusive furry shearling lining! This new style is known as "warm" if you'd like to find out more, search for fly mes warm or fly mol warm on the shoe envy site.
Fly Mol and Fly Mes have been the most sought after of the fly london range for a good while now, so this new twist is going down a real storm - already popular for their feminine yet practical, stylish look and fantastic quality leather . Now Fly MOl Warm and mes warm will see you through even the coldest of wintery days. Available in black, dark brown or camel, in the calf length mes, or below knee Mol.

Long live Fly London!

Unlike many other brands which outsource their manufacturing to China, Fly London Shoes and Boots are all made where the company is based, in Portugal. This means that quality and standard of production is truly excellent. The only downside of Fly London being Portuguese is that they shut for the entire month of August, so for retailers, getting their winter deliveries in September can be a bit hit and miss!

Fly London Shoes have a loyal and enthusiastic customer base, and deservedly so. The designers don’t follow fashion so much as recreate it – the styles take influences from the 20s to the 80s, and are sometimes a twist on a classic shoe, and sometimes something completely different. Most Fly London Shoes can be worn with wacky outfits for those of us who like to stand out, or made to look more conservative but ‘individual’ with a different outfit.

Fly have a large range of shoes and boots, and a multitude of colours and styles to choose from. And once you’ve chosen colour, each Fly London shoe can also be available in up to three different types of leather, so it can be quite daunting just choosing which shoes to go for – spoilt for choice!

It seems that the most die-hard Fly London addicts value comfort as well as style. This is demonstrated by the fact that the most popularly bought styles, year on year, are the ones with comfortable, all day type sole units, for example, Fly London Yuna, which is a stylish, versatile shoe, with a mid height heel, on a slight platform. The sole unit is solid rubber, so very shock absorbing and because of the slight platform, it doesn’t feel high at all, but gives you that little bit of extra height. Another good example from the Fly London Boots range is Fly London Mol, which again is a boot that can be worn all day, every day if you desire, but also dressed up for evening too. The sole unit is a low wedge. These boots are really popular year on year, probably because they are so beautifully designed – although they are an everyday style, they are cut nicely so that the top of the boot is very flattering to the leg shape, and they are adjustable at calf to allow for extra width which is always a bonus! And of course the other reason why Fly London is so popular is the value for money. The average price of Fly London Shoes is about £64.99 and Fly London Boots would be about £120.00 making the brand accessible to a large amount of customers, and giving them a great quality product which doesn’t break the bank.

It seems there is something to be said for brands who don’t follow ‘the coming season’s trends’ too closely, as they maintain their uniqueness and appeal to those who don’t want something everyone else is wearing and it has to be said that it’s a great feeling strutting your stuff in your brand new pair of Fly Shoes - Long live Fly London!


About Fly London

Cutting Edge Style

Fly London is a hugely popular brand that brings you quirky, fashion forward designs.

All Fly London shoes and boots are made in Portugal from high quality leather.

Fly London's unique, head turning designs are highly sought after, and the Fly London shoe range just keeps getting bigger.

As "following fashion" takes on a light of superficiality, the influence is more on an individual research of details from different sources creating a stronger identity.

For no less than the third time in four years, Fly London has once more been nominated for the prestigious Footwear Brand of the Year award at the Drapers Footwear Awards 2009! Shortlisted as one of this year’s exceptional performers, Fly’s uniquely quirky designs and detailing have established it as one of the brands to watch – it is unlikely this celebrated accolade will elude them for much longer!

Fly London Shoe & Boot Care

Cutting Edge Style

Caring for your Fly London Footwear

As with all quality footwear, your Fly London shoes will last longer if you take good care of them. Most of the shoes in our ranges will have been treated with a protective coating before they leave the factory.

However, this is not permanent, so all Fly London shoes & boots need to be looked after to ensure they remain looking as good as new. Follow our hints and advice on how to clean and care for your boots & shoes.

Leather Care

Some of our Fly London products come with a waxy leather finish. In this case, we would recommend you use a wax based polish or Dubbin to keep them looking fabulous. This will help increase their water resistance, and nourish the leather at the same time.

For normal leather products you can use your normal shoe polish.

Patent Leather Care

We would recommend you wipe of using a damp cloth and polish using a product specifically for patent leather.

For normal leather products you can use your normal shoe polish.

Suede and Nubuck Care

The surface of Fly London Suede and Nubuck leather has no protective barrier to protect it, unless it has been pre-treated in the manufacturing process. For maximum protection of nubuck and suede leathers, use a Suede protector that provides protection from soiling and staining. If you accidentally scuff your suede you can simply brush the material using a circular motion, with nubuck sponge or brush. This method can also be used to remove light soiling.

Fly London Reviews

Cutting Edge Style

Hayley, Dorset, 21st December 2009 – Fly London Mol Boots Black

I bought these Fly London Boots having seen them on the high street (but unfortunately not in my size) and also having read excellent reviews about them on another website. They are gorgeous, excellent quality, the best boots I have ever owned - this is the best price online too. I chose them because I struggle to find boots that don't look like wellies as my legs are slim. If your legs are on the bigger side, the Fly mes boots would probably be better for you. Love them!

Jess, North London, 25th January 2010

My Fly London boots are just so comfy - great for walking around town etc. I was a bit apprehensive about ordering off the internet as most boots are usually too big on the calves for me but these fitted perfectly. I would definitely say they are more suited for those with slimmer calves although there is elastic patch under the Velcro flap that allows some give. They look great too!

Review by Anonymous, 30th January 2010, Fly London Mes Boots Brown

I love these boots! I'm onto my second pair, the first having lasted two Autumn/Winters but that was with walking 20 miles a week to/from school with the kids and more. Fly London Mes boots are so comfortable and these dark brown ones are even nicer than the tan ones I had first. The delivery was very speedy too. This was my first purchase from Shoe Envy (I think I got my first ones from Next but they were more expensive) and I'm very impressed. Thanks

Review by Kim, 1st April 2009, Fly London Yuna Shoes Red

These fly london shoes are the most comfortable shoes I own, and the more you wear them , the more comfortable they become. I now own Fly Yuna shoes in 5 colours and still need more!

Review by Clara, 1st May 2009, Fly London Quip Shoes

I am really pleased with these fly quip shoes. They are really, really comfortable, and the white trim means they'll be great for the summer too and may even help my legs look brown (maybe!). Quality is excellent.

Fly London Sizing Advice

Cutting Edge Style

Generally Fly London sizing is accurate, but this does vary from shoe to shoe.

When you read the description of each of our fly London shoes you will see we have a section called ‘Sizing Advice’ for each item, so you can get specific sizing advice for every type we sell.

 If having read our sizing advice, you are still unsure, or if you are between sizes, simply email us at [email protected] or call our friendly staff on 01747 898010 who will be able to help you decide what size to go for.

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