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Moda In Pelle Osila Sandals Neud Reviews


Review by jill 16/06/2010
I absolutely ADORE these sandals! I bought them last week and have worn them every day since (despite the rain!) The nudey colour goes with absolutely everything, and even makes my pasty feet look a bit browner! They are really comfy because of the soft leather of the toe post and having straps all the way round is great because it holds my foot in lovely and snug ! I can`t rave any more about these !!! love love love moda in pelle shoes.

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Moda In Pelle Osila Sandals Neud

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    Moda in Pelle Shoes - The fabulous Moda in Pelle Osila Sandals in neud - A great leather flat sandal  with a unique fan detail, these take you through the day and into the evening. Complete with an ankle strap that ensures a secure and comfortable fit. These sandals are perfect for a day's shopping or having a drink in the hot weather.

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