Skechers Shape-Ups White/Blue/Silver

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Skechers Shape-Ups White/Blue/Silver

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    Skechers - Skechers Shape Ups - The new fitness craze to get in shape just by walking around.  These shoes are designed to promote weight loss and tone muscles.  Shape Ups can firm calf and thigh muscles, reduce cellulite, firm buttocks, increase strength in your lower back and improve posture.  It's easy to shape up with Shape Ups!  Just wear these shoes everywhere, everytime you walk anywhere, and your body will feel the benefits!  How do they work?  It's simple.  Barefoot simulation on soft ground - your heel sinks comfortably as you take a step, they naturally roll forward as your weight shifts and your balance is centred, and easy push off from your toes is enabled due the the curved sole.  Look out for our before and after video as we test out the Shape ups for ourselves!  Watch the video on the Shape Ups page for more information on how these work, and what benefits you will get.
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